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Brother (Aniki) – Starring & Directed by Takeshi Kitano

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Brother (Aniki) (2000)  Written, directed and edited by, and starring Takeshi Kitano (see partial filmography below).  In this Japanese/American Yakuza film, the first part set in Tokyo, the second in Los Angeles, an exiled Yakuza captain, Yamamoto, played with his signature, and captivating, explosive impassivity by Kitano, joins up with his half-brother’s drug dealing gang in Los Angeles.  Kitano, as writer, director, and editor, plays the density and ritual of Tokyo and the Japanese Yakuza against the space and marked lack of respect of Los Angeles and its brutal gangs.  This is Kitano’s first film set in the U.S., (and his last) and one cannot help but be impressed by the way he is channeling the myths of the American west, its wide open spaces, lawlessness and rugged individuality, reminiscent of early Eastwood, through his vision of the codes and life of the Japanese underworld.  Though perhaps not his best film, there is some very good acting, and excellent writing and directing, Kitano’s distinctive humour, and superb music by Joe Hisaishi, making Brother (Aniki) a must-see for anyone interested in Japanese or world cinema, and especially for those who are fans of Kitano’s work. (PR) (Note: As expected, there is a good deal of rather bloody violence.)

See our posts on other films by and/or starring Takeshi Kitano: his latest film Outrage – Way of the Yakuza, Violent Cop, the excellent Fireworks (Hana-Bi), Boiling Point (Jugatsu), the superb Sonatine, Zatoichi and Battle Royale.

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Tokyo Bordello (Yoshiwara Enjo)

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tokyo Bordello (Yoshiwara Enjo), 1987, (DVD), directed by Hideo Gosha with Yuki Natori, Sayoko Ninomiya and others, Scenario Kazuo Kasahara.  The somber story of a young girl sold into prostitution by her destitute father, and her life in the Yoshiwara “pleasure” district of early 1900s Tokyo as a geisha.  Rather well done, if superficial. Nevertheless, there are a number of scenes of striking beauty and pain. (PR)

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Editors’ note:  Unfortunately, ‘Tokyo Bordello (Yoshiwara Enjo) seems to be unavailable at the moment.  If you manage to find this DVD for sale please contact us.

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Moleskine Notebooks: Not Only Bruce Chatwin: Artists’ And Designers’ Moleskine Creations

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 8 November 2009

Designboom has a short article with a number of photos of the “side-show” at the MoMA store in Tokyo which features a number of Moleskine notebooks used/created by artists and designers.  As long-time dedicated Moleskine notebook users ourselves we couldn’t let this pass without a mention.  We also happen like the work of the late Bruce Chatwin and white gloves.

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