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Anish Kapoor – Monumental in Paris

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Memory” by Anish Kapoor, at the Deutsche Guggenheim (2009)

Natasha Garnett has written “Anish in Paris”, in the WSJ Magazine section of The Wall Street Journal, an excellent article and interview with the renowned, ambitious and charming Indian-born, British artist Anish Kapoor, looking at his work, his thoughts about art and fame, and his upcoming monumental work, Leviathan“, for Monumenta in Paris:  An enormous inflatable “balloon”, a major departure for the artist, who has worked almost exclusively with solid, predominantly metal, constructions, that will fill the vast, light-filled nef of the Grand Palais in Paris from 11 May- 23 June 2011.


Anish Kapoor in his London studio, with unfinished works and a member of his team standing by.

An excellent slideshow accompanies Garnett’s article, here.

Monumenta’s wonderful official site, including photos, interviews and videos with Kapoor, here.

The Grand Palais’s fascinating official site, including a virtual visit, here.

 image: Top, Mathias Schormann/courtesy of the artist and Deutsche Guggenheim/The Wall Street Journal, bottom, Photograph by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin/The Wall Street Journal

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London’s Tate Modern – Who Am I?

Posted by the editors on Monday, 21 March 2011

The Tate Modern in London by Herzog and de Meuron, 2001

image: – Google

Kati Krause has written a very interesting and informative article entitled “Tate Modern Finds Its Match – New director Chris Dercon wants to redefine the role of the public museum”  in the Arts & Entertainment section of The Wall Street Journal (online), looking at the role of contemporary art museums, in general, and, much more specifically, the role of London’s Tate Modern, as seen by its new director, Chris Dercon, formerly of P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in New York, now MoMA PS1, the Witte de With contemporary art museum in Rotterdam, the Boijmans Van Beuningen, also in Rotterdam and Haus der Kunst in Munich.  Dynamic, active, engaged.

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“The Humbling”: Philip Roth On Philip Roth, And Charles Dickens, Actors, Marriage & Internet

Posted by the editors on Friday, 23 October 2009

In a, well, “Rothian”, interview with Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg, entitled “Roth on Roth” in the Life & Style section of The Wall Street Journal (online) Philip Roth discusses his new novel “The Humbling” (2009, Houghton,Mifflin, Harcourt Publishing), offers up a list of Great American Authors of the 20th Century (and 21st) (Toni Morrison, Don DeLillo, …), another list of Great Contemporary American Actors (DeNiro, Streep, …) and a wonderful excerpt from the new novel itself!

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Europe & Its Immigrants: Culture? Religion? Xenophobia?

Posted by the editors on Monday, 21 September 2009

Here’s a link to an article by Paul Marshall entitled “Continental Drift – Pondering how a culture unmoored from its past copes with an influx of newcomers” in the Wall Street Journal (online) (in the “Life and Style” section (??!), dated September 18, 2009, which reviews a book entitled “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe,”  by Christopher Caldwell.

Essentially, it seems, the book profers that European values and democracy are founded on Christianity, and that with the increasing secularisation and influx of immigrants, in majority muslims, there are some very serious problems that no one dares discuss, let alone find solutions to.  OK…

The article, or rather the book, as presented in the article, seems to include a number of, let’s say, innuendos.  We’d like to know what you think.  Have any of you read the book by Caldwell?

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