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The American – Starring George Clooney

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 7 January 2012

The American (2010) Directed by Anton Corbijn, starring George Clooney.  In this masterful, deliberate, precise and calculatedly slow suspense thriller, George Clooney portrays a man of few words, of unknown background but a life colored by violence and isolation: a ronin, or masterless samurai, or lone gun-slinger, in the mold of Alan Ladd or Clint Eastwood.  Clooney is excellent, as Mr. Butterfly, otherwise known as, depending on where and to whom, Edward or Jack, the butterfly his totem, with a deep, almost silent appreciation of nature, scenes of natural beauty at a snow-bound lake in Sweden, at an edenic creek in the mountainous italian countryside, and the impeccable directing and cinematography by Anton Corbijn is of an outstanding unity with Clooney’s Mr. Butterfly, a reflection of the man.  The American could almost be called art-house cinema, with a clear link to Japanese, perhaps French, and Italian, especially Sergio Leone, films.  The tension is palpable, and meticulously constructed, and though the premise of an isolated man wishing to regain the human touch he so long ago lost is not a new idea, The American, with the excellent acting and undeniable charisma of Clooney, and the careful, almost immaculate directing by Corbijn, is a must-see. (PR) (Note: there is violence, and nudity.)

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