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A Self-Help Reader for David Foster Wallace

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 13 April 2011

David Foster Wallace in 2006.

David Foster Wallace at work in 2006

image: Suzy Allman/The New York Times

Jennifer Schuessler has written an interesting little article entitled “David Foster Wallace, Self-Help Reader” in the Arts section of The New York Times, looking at David Foster Wallace and offering up a number of fascinating, and perhaps even useful, links to various “support” materials for those interested in/struggling with/obsessed with Wallace’s oeuvre.

Especially wonderful are the David Foster Wallace archives at the Harry Ransom Center of the University of Texas at Austin, below.

A David Foster Wallace workbook at the University of Texas at Austin

image: Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin

Ah, the infinite jest of it all…

Also, take a look at our previous posts on David Foster Wallace, here (Piecing Together a Posthumous Novel) and here (The Staggering, Multifarious, Cacaphonous Predicament).

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What is Life? – Quantitative Help from Self-Tracking

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 1 May 2010

Horacio Salinas for The New York Times

Gary Wolf has written an interesting, somewhat disturbing, and even amusing, article entitled “The Data-Driven Life” in the Magazine section of The New York Times looking at the sometimes excentric, often useful, and decidedly contemporary, behavior known as “Self-Tracking” and the advances in individual personalised technology that can offer you a clearer look at that astoundingly mysterious phenomenon known as your daily life.   Taking care to avoid what seems to be rather obsessive behavior, we’re going to start right in.  Monday, well, maybe Tuesday.
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