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The Media or the Message? Google Evolves…

Posted by the editors on Monday, 21 March 2011

The Google search home page logo

image: Google

David Carr has written an interesting article entitled “The Evolving Mission of Google” in the Media & Advertising section of The New York Times, looking at how Google, according to its executives, at least, is not a media company: Google organizes and manages content, but it stays away from producing it.  Hmmmm.  It seems that that is not what those outside of Google think.  A look at how Google is evolving into a media company, perhaps…

In any case, we are very happy that Google exists, aren’t you?

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Topsy – A Search Engine Powered by Tweets!

Posted by the editors on Friday, 2 April 2010

We’re certain that, being the uber-cyber-aware group that you are, you already know of the search engine Topsy, from, yes, you’re right, Topsy Labs.  However, just in case you blinked at the wrong moment, here’s a link to their site.  Try it.
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