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Shockingly Orange, Invitingly Meandering, Immensely Imposing – Richard Serra at Gagosian

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 6 October 2011

Karen Rosenberg has written a passionate article entitled “Shockingly Orange, Invitingly Meandering, Immensely Imposing” in the Art & Design section of The New York Times reviewing the magnificent show of new sculpture by the immense sculptor Richard Serra.  The show, entitled “Junction/Cycle” (through 26 November 2011, at Gagosian Gallery, 555 West 24th Street, Chelsea; (212) 741-1111,, composed of two sculptures, one called “Junction”, the other “Cycle”, offers a spectacle of awe, immensity and space, and imposes the active, and reflective, participation of all who visit.  As Serra himself has said, “I consider space to be my primary material.”  One begins to understand.  Awesome.

image: Julieta Cervantes for The New York Times


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Carl Andre – “A thing is a hole in a thing it is not.” – Grand Minimalism

Posted by the editors on Monday, 18 July 2011

‘War and Rumours of War’ (2002) by Carl Andre

“For Carl Andre, Less is Still Less”, by Randy Kennedy in the Art & Design section of The New York Times, looks at the rigorously minimal, demanding, and wonderful work (and, glancingly, at the life) of the great minimalist artist Carl Andre, in the context of the publication of a maximalist survey of his 50-year career by Phaidon (“Carl Andre: Things in Their Elements” (Phaidon Press)) and an upcoming (2013) retrospective of his work at Dia:Beacon. We have all (one hopes) had, over the decades, the good luck to appreciate Mr. Andre’s work (perhaps even at the, frankly iconic, and always dynamic, Paula Cooper Gallery in NYC); though many like Judd‘s work (we love it), and some think of Serra (we love Serra’s work as well), Carl Andre is certainly what may be called a minimalist’s minimalist: Maximal. Magnificent.  Material.

Very good slide show, here, with images from the excellent new book published by Phaidon, “Carl Andre: Things in Their Elements”.

Inspiring interactive multimedia look, entitled “His horizontal life”, at three of Carl Andre’s pieces with commentary by Randy Kennedy, here.

image: From ‘Carl Andre: Things in Their Elements’ (Phaidon Press); Carl Andre/Licensed by VAGA, New York; courtesy of Tom Powel/Paula Cooper/The New York Times

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