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Generation A – Bee Extinction & Chronosuppressant Medication

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 17 July 2011


Generation A by Douglas Coupland

Generation A (2009) (novel) by Douglas Coupland (Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture (1991), Girlfriend in a Coma (1998), jPod (2006), The Gum Thief (2007), Player One (2010))   Generation A, getting its title from a Kurt Vonnegut comment* regarding Generation X (also the title of Coupland’s first novel), told through sequential chapters narrated by each of the five principal characters (a shifting frame narrative perspective, as the saying goes), is set in a future, distinctly dystopic, world, drugged on Solon (a chronosuppressant medication, eliminating fear of the future by forcing the user to live only “in the moment”) and suffering dramatically from the seeming extinction of bees.  An interesting premise which does little, in the end, to spare the reader the agonies of what seems to be Coupland’s desperate grasping at “hip” dialogue.  Perhaps this reader lacks the humour for the appreciation of satire.  In any case, let’s just say that the novel is simply not particularly well written. (PR)

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* “Now you young twerps want a new name for your generation? Probably not, you just want jobs, right? Well, the media do us all such tremendous favors when they call you Generation X, right? Two clicks from the very end of the alphabet. I hereby declare you Generation A, as much at the beginning of a series of astonishing triumphs and failures as Adam and Eve were so long ago.”  —Kurt Vonnegut; Syracuse University commencement address, May 8, 1994

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