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The Last Audit – Review of David Foster Wallace’s “The Pale King” by Tom McCarthy

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Pale King, by David Foster Wallace, “a coherent, if incomplete, portrayal of our age unfolding on an epic scale”, or…

image: Illustration by Peter Mendelsund/The New York Times

Tom McCarthy, the British author (and, conceptual artist!) (his novels include the fascinating Remainder (2007), and the somewhat challenging C (2010)) has written a very interesting, and perhaps Wallace-ian, review of The Pale King by David Foster Wallace, in the Sunday Book Review section of The New York Times.  One could have the impression that McCarthy has read Zadie Smith’s essay Two Directions for the Novel, in her collection of essays entitled Changing My Mind (2009)(marvelous, astute essays definitely worth slogging through reading), in which she discusses, among other things, the authors Franz Kafka, Alain Robbe-Grillet, David Foster Wallace and, yes, Tom McCarthy; he, too, seems to admire the complications of the contemporary world.  Or is it that he, too, appreciates clarity?

In any case, McCarthy’s excellent review of Wallace’s The Pale King is really quite, hmmm, enjoyable.

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