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* Art & Design: Design Observer: Superheroes: Accidental Mysteries by John Foster

Posted by the editors on Friday, 27 April 2012

Art & Design: Design Observer: Superheroes: Accidental Mysteries by John Foster: “..a weekly cabinet of visual curiosities curated by John Foster, highlights images of design, art, architecture and ephemera brought to light by the magic of the digital age. This week’s focus is Superheroes..”  Magnificent..

image + article: John Foster, Accidental Mysteries, DesignObserver

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Damien Hirst Interview: “If Slagged, Make More”

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Simon Hattenstone has written an article entitled “Damien Hirst: ‘Anyone can be Rembrandt'” (not a catchy title, that) in the Art & Design section of the Guardian (online) which includes a marvelous Hirstian sound-bite interview that offers up a rather good laugh at Hirst, Hattenstone, art and money, not to mention painting.  There’s nothing shockingly new, nor newly shocking, said, but still, we believe that you’ll enjoy another quick look at how ridiculous things can be.  Perhaps you’ll take heart, as we did, in the announcement that “Anyone can be Rembrandt”.  We’ve already dimmed the lights and are looking for some meaningful shadow, some lovely highlights,….

No Love Lost, Blue Paintings, by Damien Hirst, is showing at the Wallace Collection, Manchester Square, London W1 through 24 January 2010. Nothing Matters is at the White Cube, London N1 through 30 January 2010

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