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Polanski Arrest: Still More, And Increasingly Polemical, Response

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It’s clear that the arrest of film director Roman Polanski has attracted a good deal of media coverage.  As this coverage continues more and more diverging views on the subject have surfaced, and this from a very large spectrum of the political and creative communities.

We provide here two links to articles from The New York Times, online, “France Divided Over Polanski Case”, by Doreen Carvajal and Michael Cieply and “Powerful Player Joins Polanski Team” by Michael Cieply and Doreen Carvajal.

With the posting of these two links we would like to think that our own communications on this event and its surrounding repercussions will come to an end.  The issues relevant to our scope of inquiry have, by and large, been raised.  We are confident that you, yourselves, are in the processing of forming and modulating your own opinions on these issues and we feel that further coverage of the subject is best left to what may be called “the news media”. 

Nevertheless, if you wish to express your points of view in comments please feel free to do so, encouraging others to share their own opinions as well.

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