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Bobby G. Can’t Swim – Directed by John-Luke Montias

Posted by the editors on Monday, 26 December 2011

Bobby G. Can’t Swim (1999)  Written, directed and starring John-Luke Montias, and others.  This indie drama, shot in a gritty, pre-clean-up, pre-gentrification Hell’s Kitchen in New York City, is the story of a small-time drug dealer and all-around loser, who, from error to calamity, and calamity to disaster, somehow remains naively optimistic, as do most all the film’s characters, despite their difficult, even marginal, lives.  Embodying what may be called the essence of indie films, Bobby G. Can’t Swim, is quirky, low-budget, and fresh, and its cinematography interesting, if not sophisticated.  The story, though nothing new, is interesting, though perhaps a bit too often the writing leaves something to be desired.  Nevertheless, for a glimpse of indie urban spirit with an edge, Bobby G. Can’t Swim is easy to watch, and rewarding, in its own modest manner. (PR)

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