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On Helen Frankenthaler & John Chamberlain – Two Artists Who Embraced Freedom, by Roberta Smith

Posted by the editors on Friday, 30 December 2011

The thoughtful and astute art critic Roberta Smith, has written a short article entitled “Two Artists Who Embraced Freedom” in the Art & Design section of The New York Times looking at the similarities and differences between the works of the artists Helen Frankenthaler and John Chamberlain, who both, sadly, passed away very recently.  Smith’s sensitive and sharp mind and feeling for their work offers a discrete eulogy for two great American artists, their work’s importance in the transition from Abstract Expressionism, and the continued repercussions of their techniques and sensibilities even today.

Grace Glueck has also written a very fine article entitled “Helen Frankenthaler, Abstract Painter Who Shaped a Movement, Dies at 83” this time, in the Arts section of The New York Times, looking at, in more detail, the beautiful and pioneering work of Frankenthaler.

An excellent slideshow accompanies the article, here.

See our previous post on Helen Frankenthaler, Helen Frankenthaler – 30 Years of More Than Colorfield at Knoedler & Co.

top image: Mountains and Sea, by Helen Frankenthaler: Helen Frankenthaler/Artists Rights Society (ARS) New York/The New York Times

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Helen Frankenthaler – 30 Years of More Than Colorfield at Knoedler & Co.

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Birch Cross #3, 2010, oil on canvas, 84 x 66 inches

Helen Frankenthaler, For Hiroshige, 1981, Acrylic on canvas, 62 1/2 x 92 inches

image: Helen Frankenthaler/Knoedler and Company

Roberta Smith has written a sensitive and well-informed article entitled “HELEN FRANKENTHALER: ‘East and Beyond’”  in the Art & Design section of The New York Times reviewing the eponymous show at Knoedler and Company (through 11 March 2011, 19 East 70th Street, New York City).  Smith, in her careful, evocative style, discusses the  links between Frankenthaler’s work and the work of James McNeill Whistler, both of whom “learned a great deal from Asian art, including Chinese ink painting and calligraphy and Japanese screens”, and longs for “a fuller account of Ms. Frankenthaler’s long, resolutely focused career”.

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