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Monk’s Life: A Thelonius Sphere

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 2 January 2010

David Yaffe has written a very interesting article, entitled “Misterioso” appearing in the Arts/Culture/Entertainment section of The Nation (online), which looks at the complicated, often very difficult, life, and wonderful, inspired music of one of jazz music’s greatest contributors, Thelonius Monk.  If you’re interested in jazz, or even the lives of, perhaps, wacked geniuses, or the burdens of creativity or anything at all, we’re certain that you, too, will find the article fascinating. 

Read the article, then go to Spotify and listen to what it’s all about, then do your bit for the music industry, and the economy in general and purchase some, or all, of Monk’s albums.

Wikipedia on Thelonius Monk, here.

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