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Anish Kapoor – Leviathan at Monumenta – Photos & Video

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 14 May 2011

Leviathan (2011) by Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor’s truly monumental installation Leviathan, currently at Monumenta at the Grand Palais in Paris, is shown in all its beauty (well, perhaps not all) in a post published by the great design blog Designboom, entitled, in Designboom’s own pithy manner, “anish kapoor: monumenta 2011 – leviathan“.  A true feast for the eyes, with absolutely wonderful photos, and fascinating comments by Kapoor himself, in video, below.  All thanks to Designboom.  Bravo and merci!!

images: © designboom

See our previous posts on Anish Kapoor, here.

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World’s Leading Prize in Photography and Sustainability – The Prix Pictet

Posted by the editors on Monday, 21 February 2011

Highway #5, by Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky

image: Edward Burtynsky/Prix Pictet

The work of the photographers shortlisted for the Prix Pictet, though diverse, is impressive indeed.  If you’re in Paris between 17 March and 16 April 2011 it is certainly recommended that you stop by the exhibition of photos by this year’s shortlisted photographers at the Passage de Retz Gallery in the Marais (9 rue Charlot, 75003, +

Here is a description of the Prix Pictet from the official site:

Launched in 2008 by the Geneva-based private bank Pictet & Cie, the Prix Pictet has rapidly established itself as the world’s leading prize in photography and sustainability. It has a unique mandate – to use the power of photography to communicate vital messages to a global audience. The goal is to uncover art of the highest order, applied to confront the pressing social and environmental challenges of the new millennium.

The theme of the first Prix Pictet was Water, and the second Prix Pictet was Earth. The third cycle of the award will focus on the theme of Growth. At once a blessing and a curse, Growth, in all its forms, presents one of the great conundrums facing humanity in the early decades of the twenty-first century.

Official site of the Prix Pictet.

Here is a link to an article entitled “Prix Pictet 2011 Exhibition” in the always interesting design blog Designboom.

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Photo – Signified, Signifier. Work by Lauren Pascarella

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 24 April 2010

image: lauren pascarella/designboom

The design blog Designboom has published a post entitled “Lauren Pascarell: Buildings” which looks at a series of work by the artist and photographer Lauren Pascarella.  Some very nice work.  Be sure to go to Pascarella’s own site to view works from other series, including additional photos and paintings.  Please note that the link in the Designboom post to Pascarella’s site seems to be, well, out of service, so click here, instead.
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Beautiful, Terrible Photos – Olaf Otto Becker

Posted by the editors on Friday, 19 March 2010

river 2, 07/2008, position 1
© olaf otto becker

Olaf Otto Becker’s photos in his series “Above Zero” at the  Galerie f5.6 in Munich through 24 April 2010 document his trip to western Greenland, and the catastrophic effects of global warming on the environment.  Though the photos themselves are often beautiful, they bear witness to a terrible disaster.

More in Designboom, here.

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Vase Is This.

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 22 November 2009

Designboom blog has covered the opening of a show entitled “VASE vs. VASES” at Helmrinderknecht Contemporary Design Gallery in Berlin (through 9 January 2010).  The show includes works of a rather astounding variety, though all are vases or ideas of vases, shall we say.  Practically minded, the notion of vase as commodity is posited and thus, logically enough, all the works are for sale.  Prices are apparently as diverse as the vases themselves.

Being the ex-(mad)-scientists we are, we couldn’t help but be very fond of the RGB vase (photo below!!) by Oscar Diaz stirring up warm memories, as it does, of studying with Dr. Dorothea Jameson ( here and here) in another universe long ago and far away.


RGB Vase by Oscar Diaz (edition of 8…)

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