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* Arts: Damien Hirst’s official website has now launched‏

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 22 March 2012

Arts: Damien Hirst’s official website has now launched‏:  “The official website for the British artist Damien Hirst has now launched.  Visit to browse a selection of over 250 major artworks.  Taken from a wide cross-section of the artist’s most important series, the websites Catalogue of Work spans 31 years and will be added to every month.

As well as an extensive resource on Hirst’s work, will enable visitors to keep up to date on his latest projects and exhibitions, including Tate Modern’s forthcoming retrospective — the first to be held in Britain.  The site also provides a unique view into Hirst’s studio practise by way of a live video stream.”

image: Damien Hirst; text: Other Criteria

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Damien Hirst Interview: “If Slagged, Make More”

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Simon Hattenstone has written an article entitled “Damien Hirst: ‘Anyone can be Rembrandt'” (not a catchy title, that) in the Art & Design section of the Guardian (online) which includes a marvelous Hirstian sound-bite interview that offers up a rather good laugh at Hirst, Hattenstone, art and money, not to mention painting.  There’s nothing shockingly new, nor newly shocking, said, but still, we believe that you’ll enjoy another quick look at how ridiculous things can be.  Perhaps you’ll take heart, as we did, in the announcement that “Anyone can be Rembrandt”.  We’ve already dimmed the lights and are looking for some meaningful shadow, some lovely highlights,….

No Love Lost, Blue Paintings, by Damien Hirst, is showing at the Wallace Collection, Manchester Square, London W1 through 24 January 2010. Nothing Matters is at the White Cube, London N1 through 30 January 2010

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Damien Hirst: “No Love Lost, Blue Paintings” at the Wallace (London)

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 15 October 2009

Whether you are an admirer of Damien Hirst’s work, or someone who finds his work less than admirable (Is there anyone besides those of us here, who doesn’t fall into the categories “Love” or “Hate” with regard to his work?), you’ll surely want to hear what’s been said of his new work (paintings!) in an exhibition entitled “No Love Lost, Blue Paintings” at the Wallace Collection in London (through 24 January 2010) (admission is free!) as well as take a look at the works themselves (in photo, here, The Guardian (online)).  In London?  Go to the exhibition.  See for yourself.

One may speak of influences, techniques, subjects, ghastly economics, promoters, prices, (no longer especially) Young British Artists, lovely blue silk, or other polemic-raising topics; as you chose.  Here, we rather like Hirst’s new paintings, if that matters.

“Are Hirst’s paintings any good?  No, they’re not worth looking at”, in The Independent (online)

“Damien Hirst’s paintings are deadly dull”, by Adrian Searle, in The Guardian (online)

“Damien Hirst enters his blue period with intimations of mortality” by Mark Brown, in The Guardian, (online)

“Damien Hirst at the Wallace Collection, W1” by Rachel Campbell-Johnston, et al, in The Times (of London) (online)

and, of course, The Wallace Collection.

We do hope that you find something, somewhere in these “reviews” and other documents that you can enjoy and reflect upon (yes, that’s dangling, once again).

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Other Criteria: Damien Hirst, Hugh Allan, Frank Dunphy, Jason Beard

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 11 October 2009

You are, most probably, aware of “Other Criteria”:  blog, website, and 3 shops (2 in the UK, one in NYC).  However, on the off chance that you’re not:

“Other Criteria was founded as a publishing company in 2005 by Damien Hirst, Hugh Allan and Frank Dunphy, with creative directorship from Jason Beard. Based in Marylebone, London, we work directly with Damien Hirst and a number of established and emerging artists to make limited editions and multiples, t-shirts, jewellery, photographs, posters, prints and books. The eclectic nature of our company means we make a wide range of desirable items of great quality and originality. We source artisans, printers and fabricators worldwide. Other Criteria is the only company of its kind in the UK.

Many of our publications have won international awards for their design and have included essays and interviews by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Gordon Burn, J.G. Ballard, Michael Bracewell, Rudi Fuchs, Neal Brown, Jeremy Miller, AA Gill and New York art critic, Bruce Ferguson.

The company has grown organically since its inception and is now an eleven strong team of designers, production managers and assistants. All merchandise is available for sale through our website, and at our newly opened shops at 36 New Bond Street, and 14 Hinde Street, London.”  (from the “Other Criteria” blog, ndlr: if the images don’t open click on the image icon…)

Retail Website: Other Criteria

We are not, of course, suggesting that you purchase anything, online or otherwise, and are not endorsing the aesthetic nor the pricing.  We find, however, this to be an interesting example (despite what we feel are a few design inconviences) of art/commerce with its own particular, shall we say, twist…

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