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Photo – Signified, Signifier. Work by Lauren Pascarella

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 24 April 2010

image: lauren pascarella/designboom

The design blog Designboom has published a post entitled “Lauren Pascarell: Buildings” which looks at a series of work by the artist and photographer Lauren Pascarella.  Some very nice work.  Be sure to go to Pascarella’s own site to view works from other series, including additional photos and paintings.  Please note that the link in the Designboom post to Pascarella’s site seems to be, well, out of service, so click here, instead.
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Blurring the Lines Between Art, Architecture & Performance – Daniel Arsham & Snarkitecture

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Daniel Arsham

Raymond Meier

Pilar Viladas has written a short article on the artist Daniel Arsham and his company Snarkitecture, entitled “Imaginarium of Mr. Arsham” for the Design section of T Mag of The New York Times (online)

We quote, “How we see and experience architecture and space is a question that was brought vividly home to Arsham at an early age. When he was 12, Hurricane Andrew forced him and his family into a closet in their Miami home, where “the drywall was moving in and out,” Arsham recalled, “like it was breathing.” Seeing what was behind the walls — the house collapsed and the ruins were covered in pink insulation foam — would eventually inform “my idea of the slow manipulation of architectural form.” Indeed.”.  Certainly worth reading, even if it’s just for the list of who Arsham & Snarkitecture have collaborated with.  (dangle…).

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