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The Tate Modern at 10 – Louise Bourgeois, Anish Kapoor, Bruce Nauman & Others

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 5 May 2010


 Photograph: Ray Tang/Rex Features

Haunting image of motherhood … Louise Bourgeois’s Mamon in the Tate Modern Turbine Hall.

Adrian Searle, Jonathan Jones, Charlotte Higgins and Skye Sherwin have written an interesting article entitled “The Tate Modern at 10” in The Guardian, looking at the exhibitions and artists featured in the Tate Modern’s cavernous Turbine Hall since its opening ten years ago.  The article includes excerpts of interviews with such luminaries as Louise Bourgeois (who turns 100 years old this year!!), Juan Munoz, Anish Kapoor, Olafur Eliasson, Bruce Nauman and others.  Inspirational, encouraging, thought provoking work.  Marvelous.
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Damien Hirst: “No Love Lost, Blue Paintings” at the Wallace (London)

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 15 October 2009

Whether you are an admirer of Damien Hirst’s work, or someone who finds his work less than admirable (Is there anyone besides those of us here, who doesn’t fall into the categories “Love” or “Hate” with regard to his work?), you’ll surely want to hear what’s been said of his new work (paintings!) in an exhibition entitled “No Love Lost, Blue Paintings” at the Wallace Collection in London (through 24 January 2010) (admission is free!) as well as take a look at the works themselves (in photo, here, The Guardian (online)).  In London?  Go to the exhibition.  See for yourself.

One may speak of influences, techniques, subjects, ghastly economics, promoters, prices, (no longer especially) Young British Artists, lovely blue silk, or other polemic-raising topics; as you chose.  Here, we rather like Hirst’s new paintings, if that matters.

“Are Hirst’s paintings any good?  No, they’re not worth looking at”, in The Independent (online)

“Damien Hirst’s paintings are deadly dull”, by Adrian Searle, in The Guardian (online)

“Damien Hirst enters his blue period with intimations of mortality” by Mark Brown, in The Guardian, (online)

“Damien Hirst at the Wallace Collection, W1” by Rachel Campbell-Johnston, et al, in The Times (of London) (online)

and, of course, The Wallace Collection.

We do hope that you find something, somewhere in these “reviews” and other documents that you can enjoy and reflect upon (yes, that’s dangling, once again).

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