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Tinkers – Paul Harding – Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2010

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tinkers (2009)(novel) By Paul Harding     Tinkers, Paul Harding’s first novel, and winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, is about the last days of an old, dying New Englander and the changeable mosaic of his last memories, of himself, his father, a tinker, and the rural and natural world of the past.  And it is in these last, poetic descriptions that Harding’s strength is brought to the fore: snow, light, ice on the limbs of trees, water, wood.  Though at times Harding pushes the poetic envelope a bit too far, Tinkers is quite a wonderful novel, about all that passes in memory, in drifts, swirls and eddies, in the time between tick and one’s last tock. (PR)

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